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Video games


Roblox is a popular game with many other games in it.

Tower Defence Simulator

Tower Defence Simulator

Tower Defence Simulator is a cool Tower Defence game. You use troops (e.g Sniper, Soldier, Outlaw, DJ booth Rocketeer) to kill waves of zombies going past. It has special codes in it.

I happen to know some. These cheat codes will give you good stuff.


This will give you the pretty decent hunter, he has a modest range and a quite powerful gun!


This will give you 100 XP for levelling up.

I’m sorry if these codes don’t work, I will try to find any mistakes.

The house of Da Vinci

The house of Da Vinci, 30/1/2020

This is a mind-destroying game about trying to get through Da Vinci’s house. It’s quite hard; I keep having to use hints! There are lots of rooms, but I’m not going to spoil it!