LEGO are cool building blocks. They might be small, but you can make huge structures out of them. Instructions or not, they can be amazing.


Technic is another type of LEGO, mainly with instructions.

Technic dragster.

DIY lego

3D printed Lego bricks

Lego hadn’t been invented when Great Uncle was a boy, but yesterday he decided to make a couple of blocks using his 3D printer to find out what all the fuss was about. They didn’t fit together very well as they were slightly curled at the edges ( a problem with plate adhesion, he says).

Curled base due to poor adhesion with the build plate

But as it took about 40 minutes to print two blocks I don’t think he will be building an International Space Station Model in his lifetime. He claims that Meccano is a better building system.

Harry Potter LEGO

Harry Potter is a famous wizard series of books and films by J.K. Rowling, and there are so many LEGOs about it.

The Knight Bus

The Knight Bus is a super cool bus in the 3rd Harry Potter film; The Prisoner of Askaban.

Yeah, I like it.

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