Hello everyone, I know it’s a hard time recently, so here are a few things to do.

  • Do your home schooling
  • Use your imagination
  • Come up with a quiz for your family
  • Draw a picture
  • Play a family board game
  • Do some cooking (if you have the ingredients)
  • Do some exercise
  • Play in your garden
  • Find a worksheet online (maybe use this, Twinkl)
  • Do a science experiment
  • OK, I have to admit, I’m playing video games too. But try not to.

If you want to keep updated on the Coronavirus, use this link.

Is this even legal?

Great Uncle has been building a radio to track aeroplanes that fly over his house. It is connected to the internet and you can find his main page here. Below is a smaller version to show the current planes in his area.

Why he’s done this I don’t know but it’s easily seen that he doesn’t have to go to school or work everyday! And yes, I’ve looked it up, it is legal.

Oh dear!

Grandpa’s shed blew into his swimming pool today. Luckily he wasn’t in either at the time.

Six Nations Scotland vs England

As you might know, there is a rugby tournament going on, the Six Nations! The teams play each other: England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Italy and France.

I’ve got my friend George, his dad Tom, and Rob my dad’s friend over to watch the Scotland vs England match.


Not much guys, just have a great day.

Editor: Sorry about that folks – Finn has been watching the rugby all day.

Great Uncle doesn’t like rugby and has spent the day working on Finn’s next robot. This one he will be able to program, he can even make it write and draw on a large sheet of paper, .. floor … the carpet …… oh dear I can see a small problem explaining this to his mum.

:MOVE robot based on micro:Bit

Look out for more videos from Finn soon – unless his mum confiscates it.


Here is a tune I would like to play on my trombone. It looks quite easy so it won’t take long to learn. It was written by a Russian composer whose name I can’t pronounce, far less spell. It’s meant to sound like a bumblebee buzzing around a garden and the piece is quite fast.

If you would like to hear what it should sound like, click on the image. This will take you to a website where there is lots of free music to download. Keep practicing!

Line tracking robot – update

Today I have made a new track for it and it’s a lot bigger, with more places to go. Luckily, it more or less goes the same way every time!

(It isn’t very easy to draw with your finger! I’ll use text next time.)

I’ve made a video with it driving around and it’s probably easier to understand.

And here is a link to some other line following robots.